Travel far enough, and you might meet yourself.


The word finally can mean so many things used in so many different context's. Finally, I'm home, Finally we get to eat, Finally I found you, or finally I pooped. >.< It brings a sense of relief, and leaves you hopeful to maybe endure that experience again, because, well....finally you've overcame. (short pause for a happy dance) To me, going to Hamburg, Germany was a very big finally in my career. I was there for about a week and two days! It was the first time I've ever traveled that far by myself. A little daunting, and somewhat scary. I've never had to move away for college, or get an opportunity to live alone so in a way I'm a bit of a baby. Nervous, I accepted! Before I knew it INDOLA  flew me to Hamburg, gave me an amazing week full of new ideas, friends, and inspiration! I collaborated with their team to create awesome content, which I hopefully soon can share with all of you! 

I've learned that from being in a foreign place all alone really helped me find my own bravery. I remember walking alone at night to find food, or trying to communicate and not look like a tourist while I explored. Even running out of money and trying your best to stay on a budget. (note, my hotel was right next to the red light district!) All these things and more really showed me another part of myself I never knew! As I'm sitting here writing to you all, I've realized traveling alone must be the best feeling ever. it's actually quite liberating in so many more ways then I thought. On the last day I rented a bike and rode all around town. I didn't have a destination but where ever I was headed, I somehow found where I needed to be. 

In all honesty, I felt a little insecure and incompetent, to be doing such a huge collaboration. I think the thought of failure was the scariest part for me. I've been doing hair for about a total of four years now, but only seriously for about two. So for me- I still very much feel like the student. Going to Germany at this point in my career is very humbling, as I was there I meet so many talented hair stylist! On days were I felt unsure of my work, or talent they all encouraged me and were so helpful! Encounters like these i'll always cherish, I learned so much from this trip, saw a new perspective and can't wait to work with INDOLA in the future! Hands down best trip ever! 

Sometimes the way we view our-selves might just be a one way mirror, but what we can't see is that on the other side there are a hand full of people who see beauty, success, and believe that we will make it in our eyes. Don't ever give up on yourselves, and don't be afraid of the unknown my supernovas! Until next time! 

XOXO Niksters