Hello my Supernova's! 

I just got back from another awesome trip to Fort Lauder-dale, Florida for the BehindTheChair Style, Cut & Color show 2016! This year was significantly different from last years! Looking back I've grown so much! The BTC hair show to me is basically like the MTV awards, the Grammy's, or even the Oscars in the hair world! All we need now is a big red carpet! (Mary I hope you're reading this!) This year I had the privilege to take one of my assistants with me, Stephanie! Last year I couldn't even dream of having the help of an assistant let alone two! Being able to share an event that helped propel my career with so much positivity, with my assistants meant so much to me! Since my first year, I've promised myself that I'll always do better after attending- so that when BTC comes around the next year I can see all I've accomplished! The most memorable moment would have to be seeing my boyfriend @bescene winning the Hot shot of the year award in the color category! I Cried like a baby when he went on stage! I'm so proud of him and he deserves the world! Thank you Mary Rector. If someone would have told me I would get the chance to actually meet, and talk to you last year I'd think they were crazy. I've only watched you from a far or online (not to be creepy). Meeting you in person, you have such a big heart to dream of this award show, the concept of BTC, and what it could do for the every day stylist. You have helped and inspired so many! The weekend I spent at BTC will always be one of my favorites! 


Along, with all of this traveling, Calpaks and I have teamed up to make my travels that much easier with their aesthetically beautiful luggage's!

Disclaimer: I'm not the best packer, I'm actually categorized as a last minute packer! I'll throw my whole closet in my suitcase in a hot minute and that's packing to me! Hopefully I'm not alone! 

Here's the whole Scoop on what I packed, and how I attempted to organize all of my crap! 

Contemplating this mess........

Thriving in this pile. 

Quick nap break. 

Somewhere in-between packing, giving up, and being distracted..... 

2016-10-06 07.34.59 1.jpg

I honestly really loved my calpaks suitcases it's really spacious, and i found I could really fit everything I had with out really bringing a second luggage! They do offer two other sizes, medium, and a carry on! In the picture I'm using the biggest size! I also got tons of complement, and ya girl loves that! Also a big thank you to @blinkincblink for all of my pictures! Their located in valley fair in San Jose! Have a great weekend my Supernovas!

XOXO Niksters