Leather Jackets


Wishing for cooler weather. This heat has not been a friend of mine. I'm pretty excited for cuddle season, scarfs, big jackets and of corse the leather jackets! Since becoming pregnant, my favorite leather jacket has made me feel really edgy and chic, and not so "mommy like". To be honest being pregnant has brought out a lot of insecurities. I tend to feel really self conscious about myself, and how I look. As superficial as it sounds it's a real thing. I don't fit most of my cute clothes anymore, and I always find myself tempted to buy more clothes. Scrolling through instagram at night and seeing all the cute skinny girls in their ruffle cropped tops and, leather skrits- I do get really jealous.....for the simple fact that I can't wear it. So in a way I suppose I have to get really creative! This cute white dress really flatters my baby bump and wasn't to short like most non-maternity clothing! I'm also living for bold hats! This ones from ZARA, and it looks so good for casual wear! 


Niki Nguyen1 Comment