Spring Showers

Hello my SupperNova's! 

I just got back from my amazing sunny vacay in Hawaii- where the sun was beaming, and my skin was so sun burnt! Arriving back to my home in San Jose CA, was far from sunny! Sadly, It's currently cloudy, cold, and storming! It makes me honestly so lazy and unproductive. I'm pretty sure at this rate my toasty tan will be nonexistent! LOL. I've Currently been in love with dangly earrings and cute romantic hats! I don't wear jeans often and perfer no pants or tights but lets be real sometimes we gotta look decent in public. These loose fitting pants are the perfect compromise! I also don't ever think leather jackets will EVER go out of style! They honestly will forever look good with anything! Given the weather conditions I can still get away with these dark colors I'm styling! Being a hairstylist I wear these colors everyday, it's basically every hair stylist's work uniform! Hoping it stops raining in SJ soon so we call all start enjoying the sun and spring!! I love you all so much!  


I'll be at COACHELLA weekend 1!! I'll be posting a meet up spot to take a group pic with all you, and all of my CLIENTS! So ya'll better cashhh me oussside! If you're a real one and have been following my blog, post an eggplant emoji on my Instagram pic about this blog! <3 


XO NIKSTERS see everyone in the dessert! <3



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