Coachella RECAP!

Hello my Suppernova's,

Coming back from Coachella weekend 1 was quite a mission! I'm home now and the recovery process is so brutal! My allergies are killing me and on top of it all I got sick. None the less my first Coachella was amazing and everything I thought it'd be! I made memories with new amazing friends, partied, and danced my butt off! The first 2 days were a lot of getting used to, the crowds, and times to leave the house by, but by day 3 we had it down! Over all, I believe we spend the money and time to attend these events to get closer to a real human connection. To feel and experience something we don't get to do everyday! Walking around Coachella was so surreal because I used to be the majority of people who stayed home and watched Coachella through my little screen. Now looking back on my experience, I'd definitely do this every year! Planning my outfits was stressful, but it was so worth it! For me I did buy most of what I wore, so it got pretty pricey. I'm literally a last minute shopper! So make sure you really plan everything in advanced if you don't want to drop X amount of money! 

 My biggest advice if you're attending weekend 2 is to put down your phone after you've taken the cute photos and really just be in the present time! Take the time to really enjoy the company you came with as well! I was fortunate enough to have gone with the sweetest girls, and guys! they made my experience so heart warming and genuine! Coachella you where so good to me, untill next year! 


Bring feminine whips for bathroom purposes! There was no toilet paper, which sucked! 

DAY #1

Sunglasses @sunnyrebel_ // Necklace @mirinacollections // Bralettebarrowed from a girlfriend // Belt @shopmelie // Shirt @shopamelie // Combat boots Thrifted// Backpack ZARA

DAY #2

Sunglasses @sunnyrebel_ // Bathing suit ZARA // Flowy kimono FREE PEOPLE // Necklace @mirinacollections // Belt @Shopamelie // Combat boots Thrifted // Leather Jacket ZARA


DAY #3

Sunglasses @sunnyrebel_ // Crop Bell Sleeve Wrap @timelessboutique // DenimShorts Thrifted// Necklace @mirinacollections // Combat boots Thrifted 

Be safe and have fun at Coachella weekend 2! 




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