Street & Chic W/BAE!

As of lately, I either just want to wear an over-sized T-shirt, ripped jeans and a flannel, or something more chic with a shit tone of Chokers layered on-top of each other!  

As many of you may know @bescene  is my boyfriend and most of my street wear inspo comes from his closet. 

He usually dresses me, and buys most of my clothing because lets be real most of it are considered "men's clothing". We also love matching,and color coordinating our outfits when we're together! (if you couldn't tell) Lame, I know! >.<

Chocker: Free People

T-Shirt: CORE

Flannel: ZARA But TBH @bescene's closet >.<

Jeans: ZARA 


SOO...we decided to do monthly photo-shoots every time I visit him in Maryland now! Exciting......! Heh, Heh. I honestly I really like his steeze, and fashion sense. He's the one that notifies me about all the new shit that drops! So get y'all a boyfie that dresses well so you can steal all of his clothes!  it's honeslty....truely.....a great asset! *Joanne the scammer's voice I wouldn't lie to ya! 

A lot of my style has defiantly changed over the years, and only recently have I've been super confident about the way I dress. You have to stay true to yourself, and don't second guess youself because of the majority! The majority will always be basic, so go on and do you!  

Hat: Aritzia 

Chockers: ZARA & Free People

Bralette: 2020Ave

Shirt: 2020Ave

Jeans: All Saints 

Upon contemplation......I realized I don't have a butt! The picture above is a great example. Damn those angles. 

2020ave, an online store based out of LA has been one of my favorites to shop at for all of my chic minimal looks. For all of my band T-shirts, and concert merch I get it from a store in Rockville, Maryland called CORE! I'm not sure if they have an online store, but the shit they sell is FIRE! The first outfit is featuring clothes from CORE, and the second outfit is Featuring clothes from 2020ave! I hope you all enjoyed this mock wedding engagement shoot me and @bescene did! LOL just kidding....that's not for a while! Also a big thank you to Mark @1iiest for always taking our pictures! hit him up if you're ever in the DMV area! Expect more every month though! Have a great day my supernova's! 

XOXO Niksters