Cuddle Season

Hello my Supernova's, 

Is it just me or is it getting hella cold in San Hoe...?! This would be the perfect time to put my boyfriend into good use to cuddle with, to bad he lives across the country * sad face. I honestly don't know where all of my winter clothes went, I can't even find a decent long sleeve to wear that doesn't have bleach stains all over it. My life is a constant struggle. I recently got sent this oversized tan sweater/dress from @misspap. It's actually really nice! It does have a lace up on the left side which calls for a lot of ventilation! lol... so layer up if you hate being cold. Since it's still considered an indian summer at times, @sunnyrebel sent me the perfect sized sunnies for those rare sunny days. It actually fits pretty sung on the bridge of my nose. So me likey. >.< 

Earrings- Free People

Sunglasses- @sunnyrebel_

Sweater Dress- @misspap

Trench Coat- Topshop

Boots- @PublicDesire


If you haven't noticed already I recently cut my hair A LOT shorter hence making me look more like a Japanese boy..., or Willy Wonka from the chocolate factory!LOL! I don't know which one is worst!

 Also Happy late Thanksgiving everyone! Recently, if you've been reading the news, and what's been happening in North Dakota, it really makes me so sad. Something so precious as our water is being endangered. If you live in California you know what a crazy drought we've been experiencing. This just sheds so much light onto how we can not loose any more water! I really support these types of causes, and protest! If you could do anything to support the people at Standing Rock do it! We have a voice and it needs to be heard! None the less Have a great rest of the week my Supernova's! 


Hit up my photographer @thomasserno to shoot he's in the bay! Tanks homie you da real one!  

XOXO Nisters

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