Ivy Swimwear X Intimates

Hello my Supernova's! 

As most of you may know, every month my boyfriend and I come to LA to work, and maintian our influencer's hair! This time around I decided to stay for a week instead of just the weekend! 

During this week I got a chance to shoot with a good friend of mine Linda Tran! She's the owner of Ivy Swimwear along with her business partner also named Linda who currently lives in Canada! Fun fact, she is also one of @bescene's models in LA, and has recently dropped her new collection the Intimates line! In all honesty when she asked me to shoot in her lingerie, and swimwear I felt that I might have been the wrong candidate. Heh Heh. Lets be real ya girl don't got them curves! Dorky is just more of my forte. 

We took photos in her beautiful home, and borrowed her nieghbor's pool which was really pretty and modern! Seriously, Linda is so bad ass at what she does! The whole time she was helping me pose and not be super awkward. All I can think of is "suck it in, and ass out" now! I've been such a big supporter, and fan of her brand since the first swim suit I received! After shooting, and spending the whole day with her I felt like I got to know her so much more. She works so hard, and is so passionate about the quality of everything she puts out for you guys to buy! That's something that I really value in another person! I can't thank you enough Linda for making my not so gym body look bomb AS FUCK! Please go check out Ivy Swim Wear! I can't wait to see whats in store for her and her brand! Until next time my Supernova's! 


I hope this shoot wasn't to X-rated but ya'll know I'm down for the cause! Ya girl be about it sometimes! <3

XOXO Niksters! 

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