90's vibes X PuniPuni

Something about the 90's are so nostalgic. From the music, fashion, and T.V shows. Everything was just the right amount. That'd be the only era I'd like to be stuck in forever. 

Chocker- PuniPuni

T-shirt- Urban Outfitters

Shorts- Thrifted 

Socks- PuniPuni

Shoes- Converse

I teamed up with a super kawwii online shop called Puni Puni. Honestly cute ass shopping is what I'm into. They sent me a clear heart chocker, pink socks, and a Sailor moon purse! All in which reminded me of my past childhood/teen years, the 90's. Crying inside because the 90's is what I live for. Keep in mind when shopping here it does take a while to arrive so buy more then less so it makes it worth your while! Thank you so much to my good friend Thomas for taking my pictures! Please hit him up he's from the Bay Area! Until next time my Supernova's!

Xoxo Niksters 

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