L.A. Starter Pack X Wear All

Something about wearing pink nude tights- a tube bralette, and some laced boots, just make you feel so cunty, and bitchy! Sorry for the fowl language...heh, heh.  

This to me- is every girl in L.A. hence my blog post is entitled "L.A. starter pack!" Some days it's so necessary though! Strutting around in my 4 inch heels, and my trench coat whipping in the air as I walk. YASSS girl, YASSS...are the only thoughts that seriously run through my mind. Although, slaying and feeling this good with no where to go- is my every day struggle. After this shoot I literally drove around for a an hour listening to Party Next Door, then spent another hour in Best Buys to ask about shit that I'll never end up buying. Then ended my day with milk tea, and happy as ever, because at least if no one saw my outfit, or my make up i got to enjoy it! 

Trench Coat: American Apparel

Tube Top: Wear All

Pink Tights: Wear All

Boots: Lamoda  

GLOW UP for yourself, and only YOURSELF, so that even on days that no one see's you, you still feel beautiful! Thank you @laviennrose for shooting with me! Hit her up on instagram she's from San Jose, and y'all know the struggle with finding non-creepy photographers in this area! Until next time my Supernova's! 

XOXO Niksters 

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