to Feb 28

Maternity leave

Hello, all of my beautiful clients and new clients! 

I'll be taking my maternity leave from the dates listed above! Jenalene my junior stylist will be taking over my clientele book, and will be accepting new clients that I won't be able to take! Thank you guys for all the love, and support you've shown me though out my career and this pregnancy! I promise i'll be back starting MARCH! I'll miss all of you so much during my maternity leave, as well as doing everyones hair. Jenalene is amazing, and i know she'll take great care of you guys! I've trained her for a year now and she kicks ass! <3

For now, I'm still currently working until the end of NOVEMBER. WED-SAT only! So make sure to book with me before I give brith, and take my maternity leave. Again, thank you to everyone for all of your love and support! Especially the cute gifts for bbygirl! <3


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to May 1

End of April-May

Hello my beautiful clients! 

I'm currenlty in the dessert right now and will be at Coachella until the 18th!  All of MAY i'll be free to take clients! So please text this number 408-442-9643 to book before I get filled up! I will however be gone for a little over a week in May, but i'll let you all know when that'll be! It's the first day of Coachella and i'm a bit scared and excited at the same time! Don't know what to quite expect yet! I love you all so much and can't wait to get back to do everyone's hair! 


XO Niksters 

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to Apr 7

March- April

Hello my beautiful clients! 

My next trip will be to Hawaii! *ahhh jumps up and down! 

This is my first time traveling there, so I've been working out like crazy, juicing and eating right! FYI juicing is NOT the shit! I literally felt like dying everyday. I was hungry, angry and all across the board a monster. Lol... my failed attempt at being healthy. On a brighter note I'll be free to take clients from APRIL 8th! Then i'll be free APRIL 17-20th! I know- only a few days to spare! Please bare with me! I'll be gone for most of APRIL so book with me in MAY if you can't get in my small window. I love you all, please give me some feed back if this is helpful at all! 

XO Niksters!

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to Mar 6

February- March

It's nearing the end of FEB, and this will be my last trip until I'll have to leave again! I'll be going to the East coast, to visit my boyfriend @bescene we're going to the Arianna Grande concert for my birthday present! Although my birthday was a whole month ago! After that we'll be headed to NYC! He has a fun collaboration with Anh Co Tran. I'll be there there to support him and be blessed with Anh Co's presence! Then Linh and I will be headed to LA for the B3 retreat at Catalina Island! I'm so excited for all these event's, follow along on my insta stories! I love you all so much! I'll be home soon to slay, and take care of everyones hair! I'm also booking out all of March so text me ASAP for an appointment! <3  

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