Hello all of my mommies to be! 

I've recently received The Bump Box in the mail, and I seriously am in love. The Bump Box caters to how far along in your pregnancy you are and they curate a bunch of preggo products they think you'll enjoy! In my box I received coconut oil infused under eye masks, butter balm for my stretch marks, a super yummy pressed juiced, face wipes for my acne, and a bedtime eye mask to block out any sun when i'm traveling as well as a MOCKTAIL book on all the "virgin alcoholic drinks" I can make! You can also use The Bump Box as a cute baby shower present as well! When I recieved mines I felt so loved and special, being pregnant you get very emotional, and as for me I really appreciate the little things! 



I'm currently 25 weeks pregnant as of today! Baby girl is kicking ALOT! I still haven't found a name for her yet so if you guys have any suggestions please comment them below! Stretch marks are forming on my upper thighs, and constipation is no joke! At my last doctors appointment she weighed in at 1.6 pounds! If you want to have a visual- she's the size of a cauliflower! She's growing more hair, and getting fatter and cuter for her big day! It's crazy to think that I only have 3 months left! It seriously flew by so fast! Starting to feel really nervous as of now. I have't prepared much of anything yet, due to work ,and life happening all at once! I'm literally running out of time! I'm currently planning my baby shower which will be in November! I'm so excited the theme is going to be HONEY BUN theme, cuss that's what me and my baby daddy @bescene call each other! heh heh. Over all, I'm feeling really good, and everything is healthy with baby! As the days get closer to her big arrival I suppose like every mommy to be I'm just scared to actually have to push her out of me. I honestly get nightmares! LOL. I'll try to keep you guys updated every week until her big debut! I love you guys, and have a great weekend ahead! 


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