I'm Pregnant!

        It's been quite a while since i've poured my heart out to you guys. Thank you for reading my blog entries and supporting me this far! It always means so much to me, my blog to me is very much like a live diary! 

As everyone must know by now i'm currently 22 weeks pregnant! It was not planned, but now that my little honey bun is here, I can't help but get more and more excited everyday! I never believed people when they told me "you'll just know when you're pregnant" I sure as shit knew when I was at coachella this year! haha, I wasn't 100% sure but it was this gut feeling that you never had before, and something is just telling you- you are. I took a test after the weekend was over and at first it said negative then I bought 10 more of the digital and all of them were a big FAT YES'S! I cried, I panicked, and I almost wanted to just run away. The next few days I couldn't help but day dream what it'd be like to have this cute little baby that was half of me, and half of my boyfriend in my arms. In that moment I knew that even if I was scared shitless I could do it. 

Fast Forward to now- I'm still always scared! I always worry if i'm well prepared to care for another human being, but I trust in God, and that everything happens for a reason. This little one I believe is a blessing in disguise and I have yet to find out why my little one came now and not later. 

SO, here's the real TEA, your body does go through so many changes my nipples, armpits, and other parts are dark as fuck! LOL I have major acne , and you're always tired. I definitely look like national geographic naked now. just the little things you'll notice are different. At this stage of my pregnancy I pee every 10minutes, and i can't reach my shoes to tie them. I live a struggle everyday, but hopefully all this will be worth it! 

I feel very blessed to be able to bring a little baby into this world! I'm excited to look into my babies eyes and see a piece of me and Linh in our bun! So far my pregnancy up until now has been really smooth, definitely having your baby daddy so far away is really hard most days but soon enough we'll all be together! The 3 of us on the same coast! I'll be doing updates every week. So stay tuned i'm going to reveal the gender next week!! I hope everyone has and amazing weekend.  I love you guys! 

XO Niksters 






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