A Fresh start

We all have a fear of one day loosing our followers- it's like having a dream that you're completely naked in front of strangers and people you know.

Last weekend, that fear happened to me. Looking back- waking up to zero followers and all of your content being deleted, made me feel like it was was the end of the world. I called my boyfriend and cried as if a part of me had died. Then I proceeded to call my parents and cried some more. As if crying would some how bring back everything I lost. I felt so hurt, and in a way worthless. My biggest fear in all of this was yes- my content was gone, but more importantly to me the connections I've made. My sponsorships, friends that because of Instagram we became close. I was afraid that without the following I had people would then stop being my friends, stop sponsoring me, and no longer care. Very quickly did I learn that my industry, and the people I've meet along the way supported me so much even with zero. Thank you so much, to everyone who has reposted and supported me after being hacked. It was so amazing to see everyone come together to help one person in need. I believe in these moment when we feel vulnerable God allows us to see how amazing others can be. 

In a creative industry, I know everyone is so afraid of loosing that following, because who are we without that number, without our hard work showcased for the world to see? I'm going to tell you that after loosing all of my content and followers I realized who I am as a hairstylist is not defined by a number. It is defined by how you treat others, how you inspire people and connect. There were so many people who gave me so much love in this time, I had no idea that I was supported and loved this much! 

Sometimes when we're in our own little bubble of trying to succeed we forget to interact, we forget why we do what we do in the first place. Don't ever forget who you are, you are not defined by the amount of followers you have, you are not defined by who you are over the internet and social media. At the end of the day you will always have who you are, and/or talent. No one can take that away from you!  

I always tell myself that in every bad situation there is always a blessing, the blessing I found in this situation was seeing my industry come together to help one person. I thought that was so inspiring, and amazing. It reminded me of why our hair industry is the best, why I would never for a second change my career, and why I love my hair industry so much! 

Thank you to my boyfriend @bescene, my B3 family, and everyone who supported me and showed me so much love when I lost my account! To a new start, I love you all so much! Loosing everything was inspiring and liberating, because now I have nothing to loose! 

Don't ever forget who you are, and even in moments that challenge your foundation just know, you are always bigger then your circumstance!

XOXO Niksters   

Niki Nguyen5 Comments