Don't dream, Live it.

I've been a hair Stylist for about three years now and ever since I've started my career Guy Tang and Rebecca Taylor have always been the few hair stylist that I've come to look up to!  I fortunately had the chance to become Rebecca's Taylor's model for her Vivid's Education tour in San Francisco. We became really good friends ever since then! After that class she called me out to Los Angeles to be her's and Guy Tang's Model for his new video for his YouTube channel!  

 It was such an amazing experience to be able to meet Guy Tang. To be able to talk about life and my career with such real people of this industry is such a blessing for me as a person and my career! You know when you follow people on Instagram or see big celebrities on the T.V screens and magazines? Your always wondering what they're like and you make these wonderful characteristics that they might poses, but after meeting Guy and Rebecca I've come to realize that people that have that spotlight shown on them are just like everyone else. Just striving to produce amazing work, and to be the best version of themselves! They were humble, funny as hell, open minded and so warm! One thing that resonated with me that Guy told me was that, so often many stylist email him and look to him for approval of their work to tell them if it's amazing or not. He told me that I (we) don't need his approval, because we are already amazing with or with out it! More often than not, we as hair stylist get put down by others. From that we get discouraged and feel that were not good enough! Every day in the hair world we are constantly failing. I'm failing all the time! The times I feel the most discouraged is when I go on Instagram and look at other peoples work and compare myself to them. WE are our biggest critics! Even if today is your first client or one hundredth client we should help and support each other to create beautiful art works that make one persons day amazing! I know that when I get my hair done, it's because I want to feel beautiful, empowered and renewed in some way. So... Don't DREAM it, LIVE it everyday! Is what GUY, and REBECCA told me! Because if you're only dreaming it you're sleeping, BUT, if you live it you're ALIVE!  I hope you all have a beautiful hair day my Supernova's! Also, keep a look out for Guy and Rebecca's video of all the craziness and paranormal hair activities that went down that day on Guy's channel!  


XOXO Niksters 


Niki Nguyen2 Comments